Top Four Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Customs Brokers In Laredo

The imports and exports business involves multiple complicated procedures that you need to follow keenly for a successful trade. It remains prudent to hire an experienced brokerage firm to avoid the challenges experienced when importing and exporting various commodities. You ought to do due diligence to gather the right and sufficient information to lead you to a reliable broker to help you in your business. The rest of this post discusses the top things you must know before hiring Customs Brokers in Laredo.

Advanced Technology

Effective custom breakage in the international market requires proficient use of modern technology. Our workforce is always composed of employees with unmatched prowess in using computerized systems to handle tasks in all departments. We use unique in-house systems to control costs, reduce noncompliance and promote efficiency. Our technologies involve electronic data interchange (EDI), file transfer protocol (FTP), and patented imaging techniques. The incorporation of modern technology in warehouse distribution service helps us serve you swiftly as we offer convenient storage facilities. Such smart technology and computerization help us reduce the tedious paperwork, make accounting easy, and assist your business to remain ahead of the game in all imports and exports departments.

Extensive Knowledge Base

It is imperative to work with brokers who are properly familiar with your line of business. We have handled nearly everything in custom brokerage when helping our clients. Our firm deals with small-scale and multinational agencies that we assist in processing various international trade requirements. We remain an ideal firm of choice for all establishments seeking reliable fulfillment centers near Mexico boarder. This experience makes us better placed to help you get suitable fees, guarantees, discounts, and convenient paperwork when dealing with your financial documents.

Professional Assistance

At Eduardo E. Lozano & Co, we have competent employees specializing in dealing with different sectors to help all clients who seek our services. We provide professional recommendations on the best ways to move your consignments without hitches as reputable brokers. Our customs brokers will easily help you with consignments valuation, taxes, customs policies, and classification. The guidance we give you helps you save money and reduce the shipping time for the goods to reach their destination without exposing you to any constraints.


We have acquired all the licenses from the relevant authorities to help us offer quality services to our clients. Our employees have the required training and certifications to offer practical solutions to enhance current techniques, customs audits, and keep records appropriately. We are your best partner whenever you want to reach out to additional global markets due to our extensive international links.